Software Engineer with a background in Business and Finance

San Francisco, California

Oh hello there :)

I am Mei, a software engineer from sunny Singapore. In 2016, I packed my life into 2 suitcases and moved to San Francisco. I'm now building a platform that provides investment advice for everyday Americans at Financial Engines.

I build some projects for fun and they're on my Github.

Before that, I was in Citibank, on a graduate analyst program. I thought the techies were building cool things and I preferred a hoodie to a suit, so I moved over to the dark side. Still very happy with the change and excited about what we can do for our world with tech.

In college, I explored internships in various industries from management consulting, investment banking, payments, and FMCG. I built social entrepreneurship projects and climbed a lot of mountains. That is somewhere on my LinkedIn.

I love the great outdoors, yoga, wine, cute animals and music with calm beats.

You can contact me on the channels linked above, Twitter, or email me at

Mei, 2018